Event Services

Visual Events are Succesfull Events. Providing strong visual elements adds to the story and greatly increases the chances of media exposure.

Event Planning - Many times, events are designed around the participant's experience, and even though the goal is to gain media coverage, planning from a media perspective is often overlooked. newscast can help you plan an event or news conference in partnership with your event planner that will allow the media to gather the content needed to report your story. Many newspapers now gather audio and video, radio stations use video and stills -- the web has changed the way the media reports the news. Do your events provide the visual and audio opportunities today's media need?

On-site Newsrooms - Providing the materials for the media to use in covering your story is just one part of the equation, helping them get the material back to the newsroom is another. newscast can help you set up on-site newsrooms for the media, providing them with the necessary tools to get their stories, photos, video and other elements out in time to make the ever competative deadlines of the Internet world

On-line Newsrooms - Whether it's a temporary site to support a special event or a permanent on-line newsroom, newscast can design and deploy stand alone or intergrated websites that allow the media to access your materials quickly and easily.